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3 Rivers Leaf Approved Medical  Marijuana Physician  in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Medical Marijuana Evaluations

The State of Pennsylvania has stated that there are 21 'Serious Medical Conditions' that may qualify a patient to receive a

Medical Marijuana Card. Our Knowledge Doctors can help in understanding the guidelines and requirements of the PA Department of Health.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Approved Medical Marijuana Physician

Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program Registration Assistance

 The first step in getting medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is getting registered. We assist in registering for the medical marijuana program and creating a profile in the Medical Marijuana Registry 

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Approved Medical Marijuana Physician 3 Rivers Leaf

Get Physician Certified

Our Physicians are registered with the Department of Health  and  our approved physicians also have access to the Medical Marijuana Registry and can submit their certifications directly to the system. 

Medical Marijuana Patient Benefits

Numerous studies published in renowned, peer-reviewed medical journals have all documented significant health benefits associated with the use of medicinal Cannabis across a wide range of ages, races, genders, and health conditions.

Medical Marijuana & Pain Relief

While traditional painkiller drugs can be effective, they are also associated with a high risk of addiction and dependence and can be dangerous or even fatal when administered in improper amounts. Cannabis offers similar palliative benefits, with a less significant risk of substance abuse and consequent health issues.

THC, Nausea, and Appetite

Persistent, long-term caloric deficiencies can lead to serious health problems such as decreased bone density, impaired circulatory function, vitamin deficiencies, and even early death caused by heart failure.This is a benefit to patients experiencing chronic nausea or loss of appetite related to chemotherapy treatments, while others are impacted by conditions such as anorexia, depression, HIV/AIDS, or Crohn’s Disease.  If you struggle to maintain a healthy appetite due to a medical issue, Cannabis may be able to help you eat and get the nutrition your body needs.

Treating Anxiety and Mood Disorders with Cannabis

Emotional pain can be just as devastating and dangerous to patients as physical pain.  Conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and chronic insomnia can lead to poor mood, lackluster performance at work, strained interpersonal relationships, and even thoughts of self-harm or suicide. Medicinal marijuana offers many patients with mood disorders as an effective alternative. Additionally, medical Cannabis can be safely and effectively use in conjunction with most current psychiatric medications. It doesn’t have to be viewed as an “either or” situation. In fact, in many instances, the combination of Cannabis with other medications is the most effective treatment route.

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